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I am a self-taught web developer; HTML, CSS, JS, and I have a love for all things React & Redux. I also have experience with PHP & WordPress, NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Python, and more.

I am a former restaurant general manager. Some of the units I have operated include two of the country's highest volume restaurants located in Disney World, multiple fine-dining restaurants in Boston, a local high-energy tapas & wine bar, and a 16-venue food-hall & Market right here in Denver -- during the Covid-19 pandemic, no-less.

When i'm not coding, I also love to cook, compete at my CrossFit gym, explore wonderful Colorado, play strategy board games, and spend time with my amazing girlfriend Taylor and our diverse family of fur-babies (Delphin the Newfoundland dog, Eddy the cat, Pongo the bunny, and Hamm the hamster).

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MERN Stack E-Commerce

This is a functional and responsive e-commerce website to support my girlfriend Taylor's clothing reselling business. In addition to the MERN stack, this project features Redux for state management, the PayPal API for payment, bcrypt for encryption and authentication, and separate CRUD operations that follow RESTful conventions for viewers, account users, & admins. There are typically over 600 listings which I scraped from her Poshmark account using Python and Selenium.

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Visualization of Denver Poverty by Neighborhood

This is an open-source collaboration with the volunteer group, 'Code for Denver.' We build apps, software, and websites for non-profits, local government, and the community that serve their needs. This project uses the Mapbox API along with Denver public records to render a map that is more visually functional to possibly better aid future poverty reform agendas. We are working towards capturing a timeline of data to implement a toggle to illustrate how the neighborhoods developed over the years.

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Automated Poshmark, Mercari, and Facebook Marketplace Bot

This was the first project I ever created. In order to help my girlfriend, who resells clothes online, I wrote several scripts using Python, Selenium, and JS. The first goes through her hundreds of Poskmark listings and compiles all the details into an excel document. From there, I automate the process of relisting all her items to Mercari and Facebook. I also wrote a script that follows thousands of Poshmark users to give her account more exposure. The final script reshares her listings and runs almost 24 hours a day. My efforts have significantly increased her sales, saves her hundreds of tedious hours, and really elevated my excitement for development.

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React & Firebase Restaurant Capacity Counter

I created this project for a previous restaurant that I worked at. They needed to be able to track the capacity of their building that has four different entrances. Four users login and greet guests at each entrance to keep track of the capacity via Firebase. Created with React.

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Prototype Landing Page Based on my Friend's Vegan Food Business

This was my first landing page. Basic HTML and CSS; no Sass. No grid or flex-box. Applied a Boostrap similar library and added media queries to make it responsive.

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Rank the Dogs

This was a quick and simple project so I could explore and rank all the dogs on the internet. It uses vanilla JS, CSS grid, and is powered by the Dog API. When you vote, your chosen dog takes the winning square, and 8 new dogs are rendered.

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Search the Dogs - React & Redux

This was a another quick project so I could explore more dogs on the internet. It is built with ReactJS and uses Redux for state management. It uses Axios for get requests to a dog API. It builds info cards based on the JSON return. User can search results for breed, group, and temperament.

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